Summer 2024 Sessional Program

For Ages 3 and Up
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Summer 2024- Musical Craft, MF, MB (2)

Summer Music Program for Ages 3-8

Enroll your child in our engaging Summer Music Program designed for ages 3-8. This program includes fun, interactive music lessons, rhythm games, and creative activities to nurture a love for music and develop basic skills. We also offer full-year programs starting in Fall 2024, providing continuous musical growth and development through comprehensive lessons, performances, and group activities tailored to young learners.

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Summer Guitar Sing PLay Summer Drum (1)

Summer Band Instrument Program

Join our Summer Band Instrument Program for ages 7& up, where students learn to play various band instruments through fun, interactive lessons and group practice sessions. Enhance musical skills and enjoy performing in a supportive environment.

Summer Private Music Lessons

Experience personalized musical growth with our Summer Private Music Lessons. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, these one-on-one sessions focus on individual needs and goals, covering various instruments and music styles. Contact our office to find the best time for your lessons.

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